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The abundance of iPhone 7 cases offered on this page will include a phone case even for the most delicate tastes. Buy your iPhone 7 case here and you will want to come back for more products. It may be time to get a selfie stick and enjoy fantastic pictures. You can find this and a lot more useful products such as quality Mobile Phones and great TWS Earbuds.

How to Choose the Best Case for Your iPhone 7

Sadly, there aren't any magical solutions or formulas that will tell you what the right case for your smartphone is. If you want to protect your phone from damage, then you have to dig in a little and get acquainted with brands, materials, prices, and all other features that these accessories might offer. It might be a lengthy process, but it will be worth it in the end, because your shiny phone will stay safe. In order to help ease the process of finding the best case for your iPhone 7, we have answered some of your questions and put together the short guide you'll see below.

Can I use my iPhone 6s case with the iPhone 7?
Silicone cases vs leather – which to get? Guess iPhone 7 cases, Lifeproof, or another brand?
Armbands and waterproof cases

Will an iPhone 6s Case Fit My iPhone 7?

First things first: are iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 cases interchangeable? Perhaps you bought a case not too long ago and it would be a shame to waste it or you have a spare one just lying around your house. Given that the two phones have the same dimensions (138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm), you might think that the answer is "yes", right? Sadly, the answer is a bit more complicated. Seeing that the iPhone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack and that its camera is different than that of the 6/6s, chances are you probably won't be able to use your old case with your new phone. There are, of course, 6s accessories out there that are compatible with the 7 (and vice versa). If you do stumble upon them, make sure to read the descriptions below the products – that's where you'll find the information you need and successfully avoid compatibility issues. If you realize that you're not sure about a case you've got your eyes on, feel free to get in touch with us. Back to top

Should I Get a Silicone or a Leather Case?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's up to you to decide which one is just perfect for you. While we can't tell you what the best iPhone 7 leather case is (or silicone), we can provide you with a couple of details about both types of accessories. From our experience and the experience of users worldwide, leather cases are more practical because they don't get stuck in your pocket, feel better in your hand, and simply look more elegant than silicone ones. They are usually more durable than their counterparts, and often offer credit card slots and magnetic clasps that keep your handset safer while you're out and about. Some even come with built-in screen protectors! However, they are more slippery than silicone ones, perhaps a bit trickier to clean (you might be left with a wet mark or a slightly altered colour), and, usually, pricier. Pros : More comfortable to hold, elegant, with various features. Cons : Slippery, pricier, harder to clean. How to clean a leather case: Use a clean cloth, warm water, and a hand soap to gently remove the dirt from your case. Alternatively, you can use a dry cloth and a cleaner, or special wet wipes. Always rely on mild cleaning solutions, nothing aggressive. Dry your case completely before placing it back on your iPhone. On the other hand, silicone cases for the iPhone 7 will get stuck in your pocket, but they are less likely to fall out of your hand because of the material. They are a lot easier to clean than leather ones, a lot less bulky, (usually) less expensive, and won't cover up your entire phone, hiding its design. However, the silicone can get damaged more easily (although all of them wear out after a while) and soon stop looking the way they're supposed to. Pros : Provide a good grip, easier to clean, slim, less expensive. Cons : More prone to damage, harder to pull out of your pockets. How to clean a silicone case: If it's not too dirty, simply clean it with a bit of warm water, dish soap, and a toothbrush. If it's in need of a proper washing, get a large bowl of warm water, pour inside a tablespoon of that same dish soap or a citrus-based solution, and submerge your case in it. Leave it there for a while before scrubbing away the dirt and then rinse it off using cold water. Dry your case. Before buying a case for your iPhone 7, be it a fancy, handmade leather case or a more simple silicone one, make sure to read up some more about them or contact us for more details. This way, you definitely won't regret your purchase. Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time to move on to brands.

Which iPhone 7 Case Brand Should I Get?

There's dozens of manufacturers out there, with even more cases for your phone, so have no doubt that the perfect one is waiting for you. If you already have a brand in mind – great! If not, then you should know that on our website you can get elegant Guess iPhone 7 cases, highly resistant Lifeproof cases, and well-known OtterBox ones. Of course, there's a lot more in our selection, so you'll get a chance to browse through products made by Griffin, Tech21, Belkin, and other manufacturers.

Bear in mind that picking out a brand (material, too) depends a lot on whether you care more about the protection of your iPhone or improving its looks. A lot of our customers said that Lifeproof cases for the iPhone 7 are the best ones, because they are water, dust, and shock-proof. However, they are not as nearly as attractive as, say, those created by Guess.

Some people, for example, prefer Apple's official cases because they offer both quality and a nice look for your phone (plus additional energy, if you opt for a smart battery case). If you want an iPhone 7 case with glitter, then turn to Puro. As we said, there's a lot to choose from, but that choice is entirely up to you.

Getting an Armband or a Waterproof Case for the iPhone 7

While having any case for your smartphone is better than having no case at all, there are some situations in which you might need that extra layer of protection and here's what can help you out.

1. Armbands for Fitness and Sports Fans For example, users that love to exercise and play sports rely on iPhone 7 armbands to keep their devices safe while they're at their local gym or whenever they go cycling. Most armbands are made of sweat-resistant neoprene (sometimes lycra and nylon) that keeps liquids away from your handset, they are flexible, and some even offer pockets for headphones.

The best part about these useful add-ons is that they can be adjusted and placed on your arm (hence their name), which means that you can carry your iPhone with you whenever you go for a jog. With an armband by your side, you'll be able to exercise without a worry or a care. Various manufacturers offer these accessories, including Puro, Griffin, 4smarts, and so on.

2. Waterproof Cases for the Daring iPhone Users Waterproof iPhone 7 cases, on the other hand, are ideal for avid swimmers and adventurers, that spend a lot of their time by some form of water. Now, you may think – why do I need this type of a case when my iPhone is water-resistant? While this is true, there is still a difference (a huge one) between water-resistant and waterproof.

The former means that your phone will resist drops of rain and shower if needed, but that it won't do well if you submerge it into water. However, the latter will make your phone impervious to water and in some situations, you'll be able to take photos underwater on your trips and won't have to worry if you drop your device into the sea by accident.

Bear in mind that these particular accessories are bulkier than others, because they need to cover your entire handset, but if you've got your mind set on buying one, you know what you're getting into. One our website, you'll find waterproof cases for the iPhone 7 from Lifeproof, 4smarts, Dog&Bone, and Puro, so there's something for everyone in our selection.

Get Other Protective Phone Accessories for Your Mobile Device

To sum it all up, here are the things you will need when searching for a case: time, patience, and a solid Internet connection. Our choice is vast and we are certain you'll find the right case for your iPhone 7 – perhaps even a couple of other mobile phone accessories, too.

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