iPhone Screen Protectors

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Are you looking for a matching iPhone screen protector for your new Apple iPhone? Then we can say you have come to the right place. MyTrendyPhone has a versatile selection of both tempered glass, protective film and other screen protectors. The display is a smartphone's most sensitive part, and therefore it is very important to find the best protection for it.

You can be sure that with an iPhone Xr or iPhone 11 screen protector you do not have to worry about your valuable phone being dropped, scratched or damaged. But most users do not like to protect their device after buying an iPhone 8, X, Xs or other smartphones. But when the first scratch or the first damage occurs, you will realize that a protective film would have been a good idea.

It is a nightmare for any user when an expensive mobile phone suddenly gets scratched. Therefore, mobile phone protection should be a top priority. Do not hesitate to invest in one of our screen protectors for the iPhone!

iPhone tempered glass: An absolute bestseller

We are pleased to introduce you to a bestseller among these products, namely the strong resistant tempered glass. It is one of the best selling screen protectors. This is because it naturally provides better protection than conventional protective films. This screen protector is, as the name suggests, made of glass. It provides a strong surface, which is described with a hardness of 9H. Experience shows that the hardness of ordinary smartphones is between 2H and 3H.

Even if you are not an expert, you can use this information to see that an iPhone glass protector is a quick and convenient solution when you want to find the best screen protector for your new Apple iPhone. Does the protective glass affect the functionality of your smartphone? We can deny that. The smooth and transparent glass surface gives the same feeling as an unprotected screen.

Another advantage is that it has a dirt-repellent coating. That means: No more annoying fingerprints and impurities. Are you still not convinced? Maybe it helps you to hear that due to the hardness of the surface, this tempered glass for the iPhone cannot only withstand shocks and falls, but also a blow from a hammer.

iPhone screen protectors are a good investment

Did you know that armor glass, protective film, and other forms of screen protection are the most popular Apple mobile phone accessories? Users protect not only the case but also the sensitive front of the device. In addition to the glass protector already mentioned, you will also find two other types of screen protection in our online store.

Here you can find protective films made of plastic. They are among the most common and cheapest products. The thin and transparent film perfectly protects the front of the phone from dust and scratches. Another one that is not so common is a liquid protector. It is different from the others because it is liquid and is also used in this condition. In the first two variants, unwanted bubbles often appear during the film when the films are mounted.

As you can see, we have an interesting selection of iPhone armored glass and screen protectors. So take a look at our online store to both protect your screen and save money!