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An iPhone XR cover will make your phone beautiful and can save you from needing an iPhone XR screen replacement. As this is one of the most popular Apple phones ever, we’ve made sure that you have a wide range of products to choose from. We’ve even prepared a special guide so you can check out our top picks before shopping.

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Top 5 Customer Picks: iPhone XR Covers

We all enjoy the powerful specifications and the unique and fashionable appearance of the iPhone XR. It’s vibrant and colourful, but not indestructible. The body is elegant and made from durable glass, but it’s worth taking the time to protect it from damage in time with an iPhone XR cover. The best thing is that you can do this in style.

We asked our most loyal customers to review and select the best covers and came up with these top 5 picks.

  1. Anti-slip iPhone XR Case by Saii

    • Wraps around the edges of your device and protects it
    • Premium TPU case
    • Slides in and out of your pockets easily
    • Flexible and shock-absorbent
  2. Nillkin iPhone XR Silicone Case

    • One-colour, simple and light
    • Fits perfectly
    • Made of durable silicone
    • Ensures protection from scratches and wear
  3. Scratch-resistant Hybrid iPhone XR Clear Case

    • Dual material for maximum protection
    • Clear design to show off your phone’s looks
    • Light and therefore pocket-friendly
  4. Ultra-Flexible iPhone XR Cover

    • This case combines elegance with functionality
    • Made of flexible TPU material
    • Simple, light and shock-resistant protection for your phone
    • Doesn't add additional bulk to your phone
  5. Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone XR Clear Case

    • Allows easy access to all phone functions
    • Ultra-slim case
    • Integrated with special air cushioning technology
    • Protects your smartphone daily against scratches and damage

Which iPhone XR Cover Is the Best?

When looking for a cover, you might wonder about the best option for your phone.To answer this question, we need to consider the kind of material you need.

Options in terms of materials are endless, but most of the common cases are made of TPU, leather or silicone, and each type has its pros and cons.

Silicone advantages:
  • Durable
  • Customisable
  • Not slippery
TPU advantages:
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Easy to hold
  • Very customisable
Leather advantages:
  • Pocket(s) for cards
  • Elegant look
  • Long-lastingt
Silicone disadvantages:
  • Dust-sticky
  • Cheap-looking
  • Less stylish
TPU disadvantages:
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Bulkier than silicone
  • More expensive than silicone
Leather disadvantages:
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't shield against harder impacts

Now, we hope that you’re ready to browse through our rage and choose the one that best meets your needs. Don’t forget to add one of our iPhone XR screen protectors for all-round protection.

On the off chance that you need more help with your decision, don't hesitate to contact our customer support service.