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Laptop Accessories

The Best Laptop Accessories Await You in Our Shop

Besides their technical features, portability and an attractive appearance are two very important criteria when it comes to notebooks, and manufacturers understand this well. Although they’ve been upgraded in every way, there are a couple of essential laptop accessories that everyone needs. We are proud to say that you can buy everything you need to get more out of your portable PC right here on this page. In the lines that follow, we introduce some must-have add-ons and gear.

Laptop Accessories That You’ll Benefit from the Most

  • Laptop Cases

One of the biggest benefits of a ‘lappy‘ is its portability, but without a proper bag, it can be dangerous to carry it around. An inner-padded leather bag or a laptop sleeve can carry devices of different sizes and protect them well from scratches and damage. It can also store different valuable stuff. MyTrendyPhone offers laptop bags of the best manufacturers, such as Targus, Belkin, Booq, STM, Be.ez etc. Whether you need a messenger bag or a backpack, you’ll find all the accessories you need to protect your notebook and carry it with style.

  • Laptop Cooling Pads

Overheating can seriously endanger your notebook computer. Laptop cooling pads are the best way to prevent this. Usually, they are powered by a USB port and help reduce the temperature of your device while you do your work. You can simply take it with you everywhere you go thanks to its slim and lightweight design, available in many colours.

  • Laptop Chargers, Adapters and Batteries

A laptop battery can sometimes drain quickly if you use your device for demanding tasks, or if its capacity simply isn’t as good as it used to be. It’s good to know that you can replace it at any time with a new one and get an extra 2-8 hours of use (depending on the model).

Besides the aforementioned, MyTrendyPhone stocks many other laptop accessories, including cables, card readers, skins, keyboard protectors, SO-DIMM computer memory (RAM), etc. With such an extensive range of products you’ll surely find what you're looking for. Don’t forget to join our Club Trendy for free and get a permanent 7% discount on all products priced below 100 GBP that are not already on offer!