Motorola Screen Repair and Other Repairs

In this category, you can find every service MyTrendyPhone performs for your device - from Motorola screen repair and camera replacement, to diagnosis and software repair. Order online the services you need and let us help you! But we must remind you to take care of your device after the Motorola repair - find all the accessories you could need on our website and protect your device on time!
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Motorola Repair

Accidents can happen to almost every mobile phone user, and during these accidents the phone may suffer serious damage. Unfortunately, the damage that can occur on a mobile phone is very diverse. Most common are various types of mechanical damage, such as broken display, display scratches or cracks in the phone casing, and of course water damage. These are the most important causes of defects.

Due to a high price of smartphones, it would be a shame to throw them away after an accidental fall, for example. It is good to know that you need not buy a new phone in case of accidents and damage we mentioned. MyTrendyPhone UK is not only mobile accessories retailer, but we also offer repair service for all popular smartphone brands: Samsung, Nokia, Apple, LG, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry...

Wide Range of Motorola Repair Services

Taking into consideration enormous and essential role smartphones play in our lives, accidents are very common and not surprising at all: broken screens, faulty speakers, charging problems, water damage are only small part of what can happen to your best friend.

MyTrendyPhone UK is here to help you overcome any problem you might be experiencing with your mobile phone. With all the best equipment at hand, our technicians can carry out fully guaranteed, cost effective repairs using high quality spare parts.

Ordering process is very simple. Just go to our "Motorola Repair" section, choose a phone model that need repairing (for example: Motorola RAZR XT910 repair), select a repair service you need and finally click "Add to basket" where you will be guided to the rest of the process.

Damage Caused by Water and other Liquids

One of the most common types of damage that may occur on a phone is the one caused by water and other liquids. Dropping your phone in a pool or maybe spilling some juice / coffee on it in a restaurant may cause serious damage. Although there are many tips online about how to dry your phone and repair it yourself, we suggest you to rely on qualified technicians. We will repair your Motorola Milestone, Defy, Atrix, Droid Razr at a price you can afford. Every water damaged component will be replaced with brand new spare parts. If, on the other hand, your phone is malfunctioning for unknown reasons, we are happy to inform you that we also offer diagnose services in order to determine the exact extent and the causes of defects.