• Nokia 105 (2017) Dual SIM

    Nokia 105 (2017) Dual SIM - 800mAh, GSM, FM Radio, 1.4"

    Thanks to the classic and ergonomic design, the Nokia 105 (2017) fits perfectly in your hand. It ensures up to 15h of talk time and even up to one month of standby time! The Nokia 105 (2017) comes with large buttons and 1.4-inch QVGA display so that ensures easy daily texting and calling.
    Nokia 105 (2017) Dual SIM
    26.90 26.90 GBP
    PROD REF: 192758-VAR
  • Nokia 216 Dual SIM

    Nokia 216 Dual SIM - 16 MB, VGA, Dual SIM

    The Nokia 216 combines a modern design and great entertainment features. It ensures high-quality voice calls, long battery life, a 2.4-inch screen and FM radio that will make it possible to listen to the latest tunes on-the-go.
    Nokia 216 Dual SIM
    41.60 41.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 192303-VAR
  • Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM

    Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM - VGA Camera, Bluetooth, 1.8" TFT, GSM, microSD Slot, FM Radio

    The Nokia 130 (2017) comes with modern, ergonomic design and top-notch features such as a camera, a 1.8-inch display, FM Radio, microSD slot, Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery.
    Nokia 130 (2017) Dual SIM
    37.10 37.10 GBP
    PROD REF: 192755-VAR
  • Nokia 2.1

    Nokia 2.1 (Nokia 2 2018) - 8 GB, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP, Quad-core 1.4 GHz, Dual SIM, 5.5" HD, Android One, GPS, 4000 mAh

    Thanks to the large screen and powerful dual front speakers, the Nokia 2.1 allows you to enjoy your favorite contents to the fullest. With a 4000 mAh battery, Nokia 2.1 can work for up to two days, so you can take more time doing what you love.
    Nokia 2.1
    114.90 114.90 GBP
    PROD REF: 199849-VAR
  • Nokia 1

    Nokia 1 - 8GB, Dual SIM, 1GB RAM, 5MP Camera, Quad-core, 4.5" HD, 2150mAh, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS

    The Nokia 1 ensures a smooth Android experience with all your favorite apps, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps and many more. A modern design, excellent display, and long battery life make it an excellent choice in a low-budget class of smartphone.
    Nokia 1
    101.40 101.40 GBP
    PROD REF: 199300-VAR
  • Nokia 1 Plus

    Nokia 1 Plus - 8 GB, 1 GB RAM, Dual SIM, 5 MP, Android 9.0, 5.45", 2500mAh

    Step up into the smartphone world in style with Nokia 1 Plus.
    Nokia 1 Plus
    100.60 100.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 206379-VAR
  • Nokia 150 Dual SIM

    The Nokia 150 boasts a delightfully designed polycarbonate shell that keeps its colour even when scratched.
    Nokia 150 Dual SIM
    38.20 38.20 GBP
    PROD REF: 192092-VAR
  • Nokia 230 Dual SIM

    The Nokia 230 represents a great combination of performance and compact, elegant design. It has a gorgeous and beautiful thin body, made of a durable polycarbonate frame and aluminum back cover. It features a 2 MP front and rear camera for captures of your exciting moments. The huge 2.8" screen provides a great experience while playing games, watching movies or surfing the web. Also, it has a memory card slot so that you can enjoy a lot of entertainment.
    Nokia 230 Dual SIM
    56.30 56.30 GBP
    PROD REF: 192196-VAR
  • Nokia 3.1

    Nokia 3.1 (Nokia 2018) - 16GB, 2GB RAM, 13 MP, Octa-core, Android One, Dual SIM, GPS, 2990 mAh

    The Nokia 3.1 is a low-budget smartphone that comes with a sleek design, beautiful display, a 13MP camera which records excellent photos, and Android One OS that guarantees regular software updates.
    Nokia 3.1
    142.80 142.80 GBP
    PROD REF: 199674-VAR
  • Nokia 3310 Dual SIM

    The new Nokia 3310 boasts a beautiful design and brings many enhanced features which make it a worthy successor. It has a huge 2.4-inch display with a polarized layer for better readability in sunlight, a 2 MP camera with LED flash, a high capacity battery that offers you to enjoy your Nokia 3310 (2017) for longer. Also, it comes with a slot for a micro SD card, so you can expand its memory.
    Nokia 3310 Dual SIM
    58.50 58.50 GBP
    PROD REF: 192183-VAR
  • Nokia 5.1

    Nokia 5.1 (Nokia 5 2018) - 16 GB, 2 GB RAM, 16 MP, Octa-core, Dual SIM, 5.5", Android One, GPS, NFC, 2970 mAh

    A premium appearance, Android One OS, and great features make the Nokia 5.1 extraordinary choice if you are looking for an affordable handset. The 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor offers smooth operations for your tasks, while the 16 MP camera comes with an ultra-fast Autofocus for extra-clear photos.
    Nokia 5.1
    156.60 156.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 199824-VAR
  • Nokia 5.1 Plus

    Nokia 5.1 Plus - 32 GB, 3 GB RAM, Dual 13 MP, 5.86" HD+, 3060 mAh, Octa-core, Dual SIM, Android One, GPS

    With its gorgeous design, the Nokia 5.1 Plus will surely attract attention and also deliver a reassuringly solid feel. Its stunning edge-to-edge screen contributes to the attractiveness of the device, and at the same time gives you the extraordinary experience of watching your favorite movies.
    Nokia 5.1 Plus
    196.00 196.00 GBP
    PROD REF: 206064-VAR
  • Nokia 6 Dual SIM

    The Nokia 6 sports a striking clean look thanks to modern design and aluminum body. It has a powerful Octa-core 1.4 GHz processor which provides an ideal balance of performance and battery life. The huge 5.5” full-HD display and wide color reproduction ensure an excellent experience in viewing your favorite content, even in daylight or bright conditions. Also, it comes with a useful fingerprint sensor which allows you to unlock the screen effortlessly and can feel completely safe.
    Nokia 6 Dual SIM
    217.50 217.50 GBP
    PROD REF: 192283-VAR
  • Nokia 6.1

    Nokia 6.1 - 32GB, 3GB RAM, 16 MP, Octa-core, Dual SIM, 5.5" Full HD, 3000 mAh, NFC, GPS

    With a premium aluminum body and beautiful 2.5D screen, the Nokia 6 2018 doesn't stray away from Nokia's gorgeous design tradition. The Nokia 6 2018 belongs to Android One family, which guarantees you get regular security software updates as well as the best version of Android OS.
    Nokia 6.1
    193.80 193.80 GBP
    PROD REF: 199302-VAR
  • Nokia 7 Plus

    Nokia 7 Plus - 64GB, Dual camera, Octa-core, Dual SIM, 4GB RAM, 6.0" Full HD+, 3800 mAh, NFC, GPS

    The Nokia 7+ has a beautiful unibody metal design and high-definition screen for an impressive viewing experience. It is powered by an 8-core processor that results in high power and efficient performance.
    Nokia 7 Plus
    276.10 276.10 GBP
    PROD REF: 199304-VAR
  • Nokia 7.1

    Nokia 7.1 - 32 GB, 3 GB RAM, Dual SIM, Dual 12 MP, 5.84" FHD+, 3060 mAh, Android One, Snapdragon 636, Octa-core, NFC, GPS

    Immerse at your world of entertainment with Nokia 7.1 Combined a beautiful 5.84" FHD+ display, powerful speaker, and high-quality camera with ZEISS optics, Nokia 7.1 is designed to be the ultimate entertainment device.
    Nokia 7.1
    285.10 285.10 GBP
    PROD REF: 206018-VAR
  • Nokia 8

    Nokia 8 - Snapdragon 835, Carl Zeiss optics, Nokia OZO audio, 5.3" 2K, Android 7.1.1, Dual 13MP, Quick Charge 3.0

    The Nokia comes with modern unibody design and superb features - it has everything you'd expect from a top of the range smartphone!
    Nokia 8
    386.60 386.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 192615-VAR
  • Nokia 8.1

    Nokia 8.1 - 64 GB, 4 GB RAM, Dual SIM, 6.18" IPS, Snapdragon 710, Dual 13 MP, Android One, 3500mAh

    Nokia 8.1 comes with a sleek and modern design, which is at the same time eye-catching and comfortable to hold. It has a Dual 13 MP camera, which promises to capture mesmerizing photos.
    Nokia 8.1
    413.60 413.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 206360-VAR
  • Nokia 8110 4G

    Nokia 8110 4G (LTE) - 4GB, 512MB RAM, 2 MP, Dual-core, Dual SIM, IP52, GPS, 1500 mAh

    Nokia 8110 returns the icon to the present. As well as his antecedent, it boasts an appealing look thanks to an elegant curved body and sliding cover.
    Nokia 8110 4G
    83.40 83.40 GBP
    PROD REF: 199572-VAR
  • Nokia 9 PureView - 128GB - Midnight Blue

    Nokia 9 PureView - 128 GB, 6 GB RAM, 5.99", Snapdragon 845, Android One, Dual SIM, 5 x 12 MP, Octa-core, 3320mAh

    If you want to record the best photos wherever you go, then the Nokia 9 PureView is an excellent choice. It comes with the world's first five-camera system which provides a superb dynamic range for each detail and texture in both strong-light and shadow ambiance, plus incredible depth-of-field and vibrant colors.
    Nokia 9 PureView - 128GB - Midnight Blue
    529.70 529.70 GBP
    PROD REF: 206278