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Make the Most Out of Your PC or Laptop with the Right Accessories

On MyTrendyPhone you can find everything you need to make your computer or laptop easier to use and to make it function more efficiently. Whether you are have a desktop computer, or an easy-to-carry laptop, you have to agree that accessories are necessary for each and every computer, and that without them, you cannot take full advantage of all your device's capabilities.

How to Find Accessories That You Really Need for Your PC?

Although we offer a large selection of accessories for PCs and laptops, as well as various parts and components, you shouldn't have trouble finding what you're looking for, because our site is really easy to navigate. The “PC and Laptop Accessories” page holds a number of subcategories, where our products are grouped according to their function and purpose. For example, if you need new speakers for your computer, select the Sound Accessories subcategory and then PC speakers.

Our shop stocks computer accessories both from some of the most popular companies in the world, such as Logitech, Apple, IBM, BenQ, Puro, Sandisk, HP, Intel, as well as affordable products from less-known brands. This means that you can purchase accessories that fit both your budget and your needs!

Take Advantage of All the Features of Your Laptop with Great Accessories

Compact, relatively small, yet powerful, laptops can easily replace your desktop computer, and are easy to carry with you. This is why most of us use them for our work on a daily basis. However, when carrying one of these devices with you, you need to be careful not to damage some of its important parts. This is why it's a good idea to pick out a bag or a sleeve that will make carrying it more convenient and safer.

MyTrendyPhone offers different kinds of laptop bags: from elegant and durable leather bags, to padded ones for maximum protection. If you would like to carry not only your portable computer with you, but other accessories and personal belongings, too, then we suggest you get a messenger bag or a backpack – they come with numerous pockets, and fit both your laptop and, for example, its charger.

Since we use and move around our laptops so much, then it might be a good idea to take a look at batteries (in case your original one dies out on you!) or power banks that can prolong its battery life. We have a wide range of batteries on our shop – from those designed for your specific model, to the universal power banks that are compatible with most devices on the market. If you travel a lot by car, we suggest that you get a car charger for your laptop, which you can use to charge your laptop via your car's cigarette lighter socket.

Are You a Fan of Computer Games? Need More RAM? It's All Here!

Are you sure you need to buy a completely new computer? Maybe you just need to replace a couple of its parts and get some other accessories for it to make it perform better. If your computer is running slower than usual, crashes when you need it the most, additional RAM memory should fix your problem.

In case the problem gets more serious, do not panic – we have all spare parts and components that you need in one place, including motherboards, processors, hard drives and optical drives.

If you like to spend your free time playing computer games, then you'll be glad to hear that you can find not only a large selection of games on our website, but also appropriate accessories required for the best gaming experience: joysticks and gamepads, gaming mice, headsets, and more.

  • Intel Core i3-6100 BX80662I36100 Dual Core Processor

    Intel Core i3-6100 BX80662I36100 Dual Core Processor - Socket 1151, 2 x 3.70GHz, 3MB Cache, Intel HD Graphics
    Intel Core i3-6100 BX80662I36100 Dual Core Processor
    107.60 107.60 GBP
    PROD REF: 185333
  • Asus H110M-C micro-ATX Motherboard

    The Asus H110M-C motherboard let you build a PC system using an 6th-generation Intel Core processors. With Asus 5X protection II for reliable stability, integrated two DDR4 memory slots and iGPU function for better graphics, H110M-C motherboard offer advanced options for superb performance.
    Asus H110M-C micro-ATX Motherboard
    75.40 75.40 GBP
    PROD REF: 183528
  • X-Rite i1Display Pro

    X-Rite i1Display Pro

    The X-Rite i1Display Pro is a calibration and profiling system for a display / projector. It helps to make sure that the colors on your display match those in your original picture or file. The i1Display features i1Profiler software for calibrating and profiling all modern display and projector technologies, including LED and Wide Gamut LCDs. It's also spectrally calibrated, which makes it field-upgradeable to support future display technologies!
    X-Rite i1Display Pro
    205.40 205.40 GBP
    PROD REF: 78858
  • Seenda 3.5mm Jack / 2 x RCA Stereo Audio Cable - 5m

    Seenda Male 3.5mm Jack / Male 2 x RCA Audio Stereo Cable

    The Seenda audio stereo cable has gold plated jacks that ensure premium transmission and corrosion resistance. Enjoy your tunes by connecting your tablet, smartphone, mp3 player, or any other audio device with a 3,5mm audio port to any RCA-enabled stereo receiver.
    Seenda 3.5mm Jack / 2 x RCA Stereo Audio Cable - 5m
    9.80 GBP
    PROD REF: 172449