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What Everyone Should Know About Covers

Is there anything exciting about covers? We'll be completely sincere with you – not really, no. Various gadgets are super exciting, different tech toys, perhaps a fitness accessory or two, but these protective accessories are what they are: a way to shield your mobile phone, new or old, from getting completely and utterly damaged. However, while not the most exciting item in the world, a cover is still pretty useful, right? Right.

So why exactly are these products so popular? We'll tell you:

1. Most of them are cheaper than, for example, phone cases.
2. They are really easy to install and remove.
3. They don't give you the impression that your entire smartphone is hidden by an accessory – just its back.
4. This particular accessory can be an interesting fashion detail if you pick one with a pattern or a drawing.
5. Because there are services that let you customize your own cover – this means that you can put literally anything you want on the back of your phone. And we mean anything.

Here's How You Might Find a Perfect Protective Accessory

First things first – click on the subcategory that holds products for the brand of your mobile phone (iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, etc.) and then click on the model you own. Quick search is there for those who know exact names of their handsets and want to immediately jump to the appropriate page with a variety of products.

Now, it would be great if you could take a quiz or apply a certain formula to find a cover for your favourite device. Sadly, you can't (though you should definitely check), but what you can do is think about what you want out of your accessory, look up materials it can be made of, and simply browse through our selection until you stumble upon something you just love.

Here are a couple of things you can mull over before you embark on your shopping journey:

- TPU, leather, silicone, or rubber? Which material would work for you the best? Explore a bit and learn which offers the most protection, which one is the lightest, etc.
- Is it a regular or a battery cover? The latter are bulkier, but they are there to save the day when your phone runs out of power!
- Want your protective accessory to be in colour or simple black or white? Is it a quirky pattern you wish to see on the back of your smartphone or perhaps animal print? This depends entirely on your taste and style.

An idea's forming in your head? Glad to hear that! Before you move on from this page, we have one more thing to say to you.

Why Not Personalize Your Own Cover?

You might remember that we mentioned above that there are websites that offer services which allow you to create custom covers. The good news is that MyTrendyPhone is one of these sites, so if you want a personalized accessory, you can start imagining it right about now.

This service is fun, easy, and quick, which means that you'll get your desired product in no time! You can place a photo of your pet on it, your favourite celebrity, lyrics to a song, or an image of a city you'd like to visit. It all depends on you! Moreover, this can be a great Christmas or birthday present to someone you care about – not only will it make them happy, but they will always think of you, whenever they grab their phone.

Everything clear? Fantastic! Start browsing in three... two... one... Go!