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Covers for All Mobile Phone Models By Samsung

Why Is Samsung One of the Best Mobile Phone Manufacturers in the World?

Thousands of mobile phones and millions of satisfied customers worldwide – Samsung is the undisputed number one when it comes to sales and variety of mobile phones. All other major companies, such as Apple, Sony, LG, and HTC keep trying to overtake the South Korean giant, but they are yet to succeed – Samsung matches each of their new models with ten fantastic devices of its own. On MyTrendyPhone, you can find accessories for more than 25 series of Samsung mobile phones and smartphones! We have categorized all models and provide you only with the best of accessories for each one of them.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Protective Cover

Phone covers are among the most popular accessories on the market, and we have a plethora of them for you to choose from. If you want to have a couple of different covers for your Samsung phone, you'll be able to get them and change the look of your handset whenever you want. When purchasing a cover, you first need to make sure that it fits your phone's dimensions and that it will do a good job protecting it. While this is important, you shouldn't forget that a cover can also enhance the look of your favourite device, and give it a personality. Whether you own a flip phone, a slider phone, or the latest smartphone from the Galaxy series, be sure to check out our website patiently – give yourself some time to find the right Samsung cover for you. If in doubt, you can always contact our customer service department.

All Covers Fit, But Which One Suits You the Best?

Our Samsung phones are divided by series, so you should have no problems finding yours on this page. Once you've done that, you are ready to start your search for the perfect cover! We've placed all covers for older Samsung models on one page, so you can see your favourites at a glance and, at the same time, compare the prices of two covers that you like. We have taken a little more effort when it comes to high-end smartphones – in addition to official covers made by Samsung, we also offer accessories by third-party manufacturers, such as Artwizz, Ballistic, Belkin, Bugatti, Case-Mate, Puro, Tuff-Luv, Noreve, etc. If you prefer original Samsung covers, you can choose between the following models: - Clear View Cover – foldable, with a semi-transparent window and an integrated smart function. - S-View Cover – a perforated pattern and an intelligent window on the front. - Clear Cover – clear back cover offers reliable protection and does not add any bulk. - Back Cover – replaces the battery cover; usually available in different colours and materials. - Inductive charging cover – offers wireless charging and protects the back of your phone. - S-View Inductive Cover - offers wireless charging; protects the back and front of your phone. Original Samsung covers are usually a bit more elegant and expensive than other covers out there, but third-party products let you “decorate” in a number of different ways. Pick any colour, pattern, and design that you want – the sky is the limit! Your perfect accessory is only a few clicks away.