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  • Software Repair

    Are you experiencing software / firmware problems with your mobile phone / tablet?

    Does your device not boot? Is the Operating System running slow, lagging or occasionally restarting? Are your favourite applications force-closing or becoming unresponsive?
    Software Repair
    PROD REF: 90000
  • Xiaomi Mi A3 Diagnosis

    Do you have problems with your Xiaomi Mi A3 and cannot find out what is wrong even though you have read the manual?
    Xiaomi Mi A3 Diagnosis
    PROD REF: 990885
  • Xiaomi Mi A3 Water Damage Repair

    If you dropped your Xiaomi Mi A3 in the toilet, or maybe went swimming with it in your pocket, chances are it is still working.
    Regardless of how the water damage has occurred, chances are very good that we can repair your Xiaomi Mi A3! We have a success rate of 73% on all water damage repairs.
    Xiaomi Mi A3 Water Damage Repair
    PROD REF: 990886
  • Xiaomi Mi A3 Battery Repair

    Is the battery of your Xiaomi Mi A3 bad/ not working well/ running low/ ?
    If your Xiaomi Mi A3 battery has become weak or damaged, we can perform a Xiaomi Mi A3 repair of the battery for you.
    Xiaomi Mi A3 Battery Repair
    PROD REF: 991004
  • Xiaomi Mi A3 LCD and Touch Screen Repair - Black

    Your Xiaomi Mi A3 looks like in the picture? If the Touchscreen doesn't react or it is badly damaged and the LCD screen displays unusual artefacts or doesn't work at all, than your device needs a LCD and Touch Screen repair.
    Xiaomi Mi A3 LCD and Touch Screen Repair - Black
    £112.80 112.80
    PROD REF: 990887