LG G5 Accessories

This premium, elegant device and its 5.3-inch always-on display should definitely be protected with the safest LG G5 accessories. 4GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, and a fantastic dual camera set on its back – 16 megapixels plus 8 megapixels make this device very appealing to buyers. It is available in silver, titan, gold and pink.

LG G5 Accessories on MyTrendyPhone: All in One Place, Just for You

After acquiring the beautiful LG G5 and pondering your options for quite some time, you have finally decided that it's time for you to invest into one, two, or possibly more useful add-ons for your handset. Whichever reason inspired you to make this decision and, consequently, steered you in the direction of our page, we have to say that you won't regret (at least) taking a look at and then (maybe) purchasing LG G5 accessories for your new device. Why? Because once you start exploring our website, you will realize how helpful they can be and how they can make your life, as a smartphone user, not only easier and more comfortable, but more fun, too. A fine selection of products is waiting for you to browse through it, so whenever you are ready, click on one of the subcategories above. After all, that's why you're here today, isn't it? Back to top

Accessories Will Neither Let You Nor Your LG G5 Down

If there's one thing we've learned throughout the years, it's that accessories always come to your phone's rescue. Need to shield your G5 from falls, dust, and scratches? No problem – cases, screen protectors, and covers are perfect for this job and will keep your handset whole and intact. Battery life too short? Let power banks and chargers help you out by providing your smartphone with additional energy whenever it needs some. If that fails, perhaps you can dive into the world of spare parts and replace the old battery with a brand new one. In case you believe that your LG G5 is running slower than usual due to all the pictures and video files you have taken of yourself, your friends, and family, try expanding its storage with a memory card. And while we're on the topic of photos – if you want to become a master of smartphone photography, then selfie sticks, Bluetooth camera shutters, and various lenses are a must for you. Simply choose those that you either like the best or fit your budget the most. There's nothing quite like hearing your favourite song in excellent quality, with strong bass pounding and every note crystal clear. That's why music lovers will surely appreciate having a great pair of headphones for their mobile device or even a speaker, when they want others to enjoy certain tunes. There's an accessory for every situation and occasion – it's up to you to discover it.

Driving with the G5: Safe with Both Hands on the Wheel

Nowadays, we rarely let our phones out of our sight, which is why we sometimes end up texting or calling even when we're behind the wheel. We don't need to tell you that nothing good can come out of this, but we can suggest that you prepare your handset for the road with diverse car add-ons, such as holders, dash mounts, and hands-free kits. We promise you that you'll feel better knowing that both you and your mobile phone are safer when driving. Back to top