Memory Sticks and Memory Cards

MyTrendyPhone: For All Your Memory Card Needs

When faced with a vast choice of any type of tech gadgets or accessories, getting slightly overwhelmed is a completely natural knee-jerk reaction. Not knowing where to begin, what exactly to look for, which characteristic to give precedence to over some other trait—it can be all rather confusing, especially if you're not overly tech-savvy. That is why it invariably helps to have all products listed neatly and filed in such a way that encourages effortless browsing, the way we have made sure it's done on our user-friendly MyTrendyPhone website.

Ample Choice of Sterling Memory Cards

Similarly, shopping for memory cards might seem a tad intimidating at first, but the necessity for extra storage on your smartphone or digital camera should be a priority. A good place to start is knowing there are various types of them and, by being aware of their respective differences and properties, your choice might just become a ton easier. First there are SD cards which are used extensively in various portable devices—ranging from older and certain newer mobile phones to digital cameras, GPS navigation devices and tablet computers. They can store from 2GB all the way up to 256GB, the latter of which is ideal for professional video recording. As SD cards might not be the most economical solution for the more modern and compact devices, this is where microSD cards come in play. Their sole purpose is the upgrade of your tablet's or smartphone's memory. When choosing a microSD card, you might wish to pay attention to its speed, reliability or price. Depending on which of the traits matters the most to you, you'll be choosing between Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Toshiba, Sony and numerous other cards. Apart from the most widely used SD and microSD memory cards, it should be noted that we also hold a variety of other card types which may be of interest to you, such as: CF (flash memory mass storage devices), mini SD, xD-picture (for your older and perhaps even obsolete devices), M2, memory stick cards and TransFlash cards.

Beyond Memory Cards: Card Readers and Flash Drives

Now that you've settled on just the right memory card and your smartphone is grateful to you for the additional storage it can expand to, a card reader could be your next station. Such a gadget will enable you to swiftly transfer photos, video clips and music files from your smartphone to your computer and vice versa. Finally, even if you started out confused by the vast selection of diverse types of memory cards, you are undoubtedly familiar with this last item (and have been for a very long time)—and that is the ubiquitous USB memory stick. There are infinite kinds of USB flash drives and we've most definitely got them all! They come in the most diverse shapes, sizes and design; they can be hooked on your keychain, so you can bring that extra dose of usable memory wherever you may go, or they can be easily retractable, so they take up even less space. Just take a deep breath and pick the one that's best suited to your needs and preferences—we know you'll make the right choice no matter what you go for!