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iPhone 5 Cases

We have prepared a vast offer of iPhone 5 cases for you to explore. You will be satisfied with the rich selection that includes different phone case types such as wallet, flip, armband, bumper, back and more. Equip your phone with a high-quality iPhone 5 screen protector and, in this way, maximize your protection. Enjoy your shopping on MyTrendyPhone!

Take a look at our offer of iPhone 5s cases, iPhone 5c cases, AND iPhone SE Cases AS WELL.

iPhone 5 Cases

Best iPhone 5 Case

In order to keep your new iPhone 5 look like new, you should protect it with the best iPhone 5 case or cover. is a trustworthy online shop that sells high-quality iPhone 5 cases and other accessories grouped under following categories: iPhone 5 Screen Protector, iPhone 5 Charger, iPhone 5 Bumper, Bluetooth Headset, and more. As for iPhone 5 cases, there are various types, styles, and patterns. A case for iPhone 5 can be made from leather, plastic, TPU, silicone, metal, aluminium, and other materials. Besides iPhone 5 cases, also check out similar categories for the previous models of Apple smartphones: iPhone 4S Case and iPhone 4 Case.

iPhone 5 Leather Case

There are many different kinds of iPhone 5 cases and covers. In terms of the former, iPhone 5 leather cases proved to be most popular and with the reason. Not only do they feature an appealing and captivating design, but they also keep your device away from scratches and accidental falls. Among the most popular iPhone 5 leather cases is the OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Case many users rated as the best ever.

Protective iPhone 5 Cover

On our web shop you can find a wide selection of high-end iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5 covers that will protect your smartphone from various damage and everyday use. These covers will also help you preserve the original look of your phone, and stand out from the crowd. For the greatest amount of protection it is highly recommended to combine a cover for iPhone 5 with iPhone 5 Screen Protector. We offer broad variety of iPhone 5 cases and covers, as well as other accessories, and therefore you are more than welcome to visit out web shop and find the best iPhone 4S Cover, iPhone 4 Cover, or covers for other products. There are many manufacturer that design excellent iPhone 5 cases and cover, as well as other protective accessories for your new iPhone. Some of them are: OtterBox, Case-Mate, Katinkas, Incipio, Tuff-Luv, Cygnett, Belkin, and more.

iPhone 5 Accessories at the Best Prices!

Now that you own the new iPhone 5, you can start exploring it even more. Combined with cutting-edge iPhone 5 accessories there are more additional features and functions that your mobile phone can offer. Among many there are iPhone 5 holders that can help you set your tablet at an angle that suits you best for viewing or reading. Then there are iPhone 5 cases and iPhone 5 bumpers that are excellent for all who are often on the go, and do not need heavy protection. Do not forget versatile iPhone 5 chargers that double as stands for your smartphone (if you are still using previous models of Apple smartphones, there is also the category iPhone 4 Charger you can browse through). Besides, iPhone 5 cases, there are other accessories for iPhone 5, for instance Bluetooth Headsets, for all tastes and needs that you can find on our web shop. Enjoy new experiences and make the most from your precious gadget, protected with the best iPhone 5 case.